On the frontlines of combating the COVID-19 pandemic

We are leading the charge on developing medical equipment devices aimed at tackling the novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

Joining the Fight

Platform Express is actively working on RFPs from both the Canadian government and the United Nations in combating COVID-19, with R&D on several product prototypes underway

United Nations

Our technology is currently under the consideration and review of the Innovation and Sustainable Development division of the United Nation’s Development Program Centre for Technology


We have entered the low-cost health sensor device market for COVID-19 patient monitoring, with proposals currently under consideration by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (“ISED”)

Vital signs sensor for everyone

Our technology allows for the production of a small low cost medical device that can continuously measure a patient’s temperature, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure (BP), pulse and respiration rates, and further transmit this information wirelessly to a smart device for patient monitoring in locales such as ERs, general wards, private communities, and nursing homes.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Through the use of AI technology, our patient monitoring device holds the potential of both saving valuable time for medical practitioners, while improving patient comfort and care

Targeting Asymptomatic Patients

Our technology also allows for the development of medical sensors capable of potentially detecting asymptomatic patients in a non-invasive manner.